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About SACD format


Super Audio CD is a new format developed by Philips and Sony. It uses DSD (Direct stream digital) technology and a 4.7GB disc with 2.8 MHz sampling rate to give the consumer an audio experience so real you think you are in the recording studio or front row at a concert.

The SACD format is based on DSD-recording-technology, which uses 1-bit delta-sigma modulation and a sampling frequency of 2 822.4 KHz that is 64 times higher than that of the CD. This enables the SACD format to offer a frequency response of 100KHz and a dynamic range of 120 dB across the audible range that allows for true reproduction of original source material without the omission of any naturally occurring sounds.

SACD multichannel digital technology 'translates' the music into accurate and focused voice localization. It places you at the heart of a three-dimensional sound stage, as if you were in the audience.

Your multi-channel speaker system can be the same as your home theater 5.1 surround system or, in order to fully maximize the SACD capabilities, you should strive to have 5 identical speakers to deliver each full range channel.

All our disks are mode on all digital steps basis - recording, editing and mixing are completely digital.
Hybrid SACDs can be played on existing CD players because they have a CD layer and an SACD layer. CD layer on our disks is made of DSD source.


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