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Featured performers. Igor Tchetuev


Several years ago, Igor Tchetuev gave a recital at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire. “This is the future of the Russian piano school”, – said Vladimir Krainev after the concert. When listening to Tchetuev, it is impossible to say whether he is poet, humorist or philosopher – lyric poetry and scathing sarcasm are absolutely typical of him as well as delicate cantilena and stoic concentration.

He was born in Sevastopol in 1980 and had his first music lessons in this city, at Sevastopol Music School ¹1. He enjoyed dancing as much as piano playing and found it difficult to decide which to choose as a profession.

As a performer, Tchetuev developed quickly and soon attracted attention. He won the Grand Prix and some special prizes at the Vladimir Krainev Young Pianists Competition (Kharkov, 1994), first prize and the audience’s prize at the Anton Rubinstein Competition (Tel-Aviv, 1998). He has appeared with Evgeny Svetlanov, Vladimir Spivakov and Vladimir Krainev and considers that these were the most remarkable concerts of his life.

Following his brilliant triumph in Kharkov, the famous pianist Vladimir Krainev became his teacher and ‘protector’. Igor is now a postgraduate under his guidance in Hanover.

Ever since his childhood, Igor has shown a keen interest in psychologically complex music. So it is no wonder that today, having performed a lot of classical and romantic compositions, he is particularly fond of Alfred Schnittke’s enigmatic music.


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