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OBOENWERKE, volume 3

CM 0012004
Orchester Suite ? 4 D-dur (BWV 1069)
Orchestral Suite ? 4 in D major (BWV 1069)
1   Ouverture
Listen audioclip (1Mb)
2   Bourreée I&II [3:09]
3   Gavotte [2:01]
4   Menuet I&II [4:29]  
5   Réjouissance [2:46]  
Konzert d-moll für Oboe, Streicher und Basso Continuo (BWV 1059)
Concerto in D minor for Oboe, Strings and Basso Continuo (BWV 1059)
6   Allegro [5:48]
Listen audioclip (0.9Mb)
7   Adagio [3:19]
8   Presto [3:35]
Orchester Suite ? 2 a-moll (Transkription des Orchester Suite ? 2 h-moll BWV 1067 von A. Utkin, 2003)
Orchestral Suite ? 2 in A minor (Transcription of Orchestral Suite ? 2 in B minor BWV 1067 by A. Utkin, 2003)
9   Ouverture
Listen audioclip (1Mb)
10   Rondeau [1:49]
11   Sarabande [2:32]
12   Bourrée I&II [2:16]  
13   Polonaise - Double [4:00]  
14   Menuet [1:18]  
15   Badinerie [1:36]  
Total time [59:17]

Text of the booklet is available in English, German, and Russian.

How it was - photos from the recording sessions


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Alexei Utkin (oboe)

Hermitage Orchestra
Pyotr Nikiforov (1st violin)
Ilya Norshtein (1st violin )
Anna Poletaeva (1st violin)
Dmitry Lepekhov (2nd violin)
Nadezhda Sergiyenko (2nd violin)
Boris Begelman (2nd violin)
Natalia Smolina (viola)
Andrei Kolomoets (viola)
Ekaterina Dossina (cello)
Pyotr Kondrashin (cello) (track 9)
Gleb Sarkissov (cello) (tracks 1-5)
Nikolas Gorshkov (double bass)
Philipp Nodel (oboe)
Svetlana Usatcheva (oboe)
Pyotr Bugrimenko (bassoon)
Stepan Kuzminykh (bassoon) (tracks 6, 8)
Vladislav Lavrik (trumpet)
Stanislav Gorlinsky(trumpet)
Timur Martynov (trumpet)
Dmitry Shelkin (timpani)
Anna Karpenko (harpsichord)


Recording Details

Microphones - Neumann km130
DPA (B & K) 4006
DPA (B & K) 4011


All the microphone buffer amplifiers and pre-amplifiers are Polyhymnia International B.V. custom built.

DSD analogue to digital converter - Meitner design by EMM Labs.

Recording, editing and mixing on Pyramix system by Merging Technologies.


Recording Producer - Michael Serebryanyi
Balance Engineer - Erdo Groot
Recording Engineer - Roger de Schot
Editor - Carl Schuurbiers


(P)&(C) Essential Music, #16b-2, Volokolamskoye shosse,
Moscow, 125080, Russia.


9-14.12.2003 5th Studio of The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR) Moscow, Russia


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