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Dmitry Bortnyansky (1751-1825)

CM 0052003

March in C major for two oboes, two horns and bassoon. Transcription of the"Marche composee pour S.A.I. Monseigneur le Grand Duc de Russie…a Gatchina. 1787" in B-flat major for two clarinets, two horns and bassoon

Listen audioclip (0.5Mb)

"Sinfonie concertante… composee pour Son Altesse imperiale Madame La Grande Duchesse de Russie. 1790" in B-flat major for pianoforte, harp ad libitum, two violins, viola da gamba, bassoon and cello

2   Allegro maestoso [7:38]
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3   Larghetto [4:52]
4   Allegretto [4:42]

Three keyboard sonatas from the "Varie Sonate di cembalo Scritte per Sua Altezza Imperiale Gran Duchessa di Russia…"

5   "Sonata di cembalo" ¹3 in F major [ 4:50]
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6   "Sonata di cembalo" ¹1 in B-flat major [4:02]
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"Sonata di cembalo" ¹2 in C major
7   Allegro [6:15]
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8   Adagio [6:04]
9   Rondo. Andantino [3:42]
"Quintetto… Composto per Sua Altezza imperiale Gran Duchessa di Russia… St Petersburg, l'anno 1787" in C major for pianoforte, harp, violin, viola da gamba and cello
10   Allegro moderato [8:45]
Listen audioclip (0.9Mb)
11   Larghetto [5:09]
12   Allegrto [3:06]  
13   "Concerto di Cembalo Per Sua Altezza Imperiale Gran Duchessa di Russia" - the first movement of the vanished harpsichord concerto in D major. Reconstruction based on clavier manuscript with orchestra arrangements and accompaniments version by P. Serbin, 2003
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    Track 1 is the World Premiere Recording
Track 2-13 are the Premiere Recodings on historical instruments
Total time [69:10]

Text of the booklet is available in English, French, and Russian.

How it was - photos from the recording sessions


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Sergei Filchenko violin (2-4, 10-13)
"In Memory of Great Stainer", A. Rabinovich, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1996/ after J. Stainer, Austria, mid.1600

Dmitry Sinkovsky violin (2-4,13)
J. Schweizer, Germany, 1810

Marina Katarzhnova violin (13)
L. Kerchenko, Moscow, Russia, 1996/ after A. Stradivari, Italy, 1707

Natalia Kossareva violin (13)
anonym, Germany, 1791

Nikolai Dolzhnikov violin (13)
A. Danielo, Venezia, Italy, 1704

Dmitry Lepekhov violin (13)
anonym, XVIII century

Juri Vdovitchenko viola (13)
anonym, Tirol, 1792

Margarita Spiridonova viola (13)
anonym, Italy, early 1800s

Jaroslav Kovaliov cello (2-4,10-12)
V. Smirnov, Russia, Moscow 1993
double-bass piccolo (13)
anonym, Germany, XIX century

Pavel Serbin cello (13)
F. Pillement, Mirecourt, France, 1795 / restored by A. Meyer, Metz, France
viola da gamba (2-4, 10-12)
T. Podgornyi, Moscow, 1927

Andrei Piskunov oboe (1,13)
G. Wolf, Cronah, Germany / after J.F. Grundmann, 1788

Philipp Nodel oboe (1,13)
M & F Ponseele , Damme , Belgium / after J.F. Grundmann, ca. 1775

Alexander Andrusik natural horn (1,13)
Patterson Hornworks, USA, 2002 / after A. Cortois, Paris, 1841

Alexei Raiev natural horn (1,13)
Patterson Hornwork, USA, 2002 / after A. Cortois, Paris, 1841

Lisa Goldberg bassoon (1-4)
Peter de Koningh, Netherlands, late 1900s / after H. Grenser, Dresden, Germany, late 1700

Nina Gvamichava harp (2,4,10-12)
1900s / after diatonic harp, mid. 1700s

Olga Martynova harpsichord (13)
Cembalobau Merzdorf, Germany, 1997\after J. Ruckers, Antwerpen, 1640
piano-forte (2-12)
J.C. Neupert GmbH & Co, Bamberg-Nurnberg, Germany, 1979/after J.A. Stein, Germany, 1788

Artistic Director - Pavel Serbin
Concertmaster - Sergei Filchenko


Recording Details

Microphones - Neumann km130
DPA (B & K) 4006
DPA (B & K) 4011


All the microphone buffer amplifiers and pre-amplifiers are Polyhymnia International B.V. custom built.

DSD analogue to digital converter - Meitner design by EMM Labs.

Recording, editing and mixing on Pyramix system by Merging Technologies.


Recording Producer - Michael Serebryanyi
Balance Engineer - Erdo Groot
Recording Engineer - Roger de Schot
Editor - Carl Schuurbiers


(P)&(C) Essential Music, #16b-2, Volokolamskoye shosse,
Moscow, 125080, Russia.


15-23.10.2003 5th Studio of The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR) Moscow, Russia


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