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Harpsichord Gems, vol 1
J.C.Bach. Selected Clavier Sonatas
Olga Martynova

CM 0052004
Sonata in G major op.5 3
1   Allegro [5:48]
Listen audioclip (0.2Mb)
2   Allegretto [4:44]
Sonata in B-flat major op.5 1
3   Allegretto [4:49]
Listen audioclip (0.9Mb)
4   Tempo di Minuetto [3:54]
Sonata in E-flat major op.5 4
5   Allegro [7:20]
Listen audioclip (0.8Mb)
6   Rondeaux [3:35]
Sonata in G major op.17 4
7   Allegro [7:39]
Listen audioclip (1Mb)
8   Presto [2:43]
Sonata in C minor op.17 2
9   [Allegro] [6:06]
Listen audioclip (1.1Mb)
10   Andante [4:02]
11   Prestissimo [5:04]  
Sonata in A major op.17 5
12   Allegro [7:59]
Listen audioclip (1.4Mb)
13   Presto [4:27]
Total time [68:33]


Text of the booklet is available in English, German, and Russian.


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Olga Martynova plays harpsichord by Von Nagel Workshop, Paris, 1985, after N.&F. Blanchet, Paris, 1730


Recording Details

Microphones - Neumann km130
DPA (B & K) 4006
DPA (B & K) 4011


All the microphone buffer amplifiers and pre-amplifiers are Polyhymnia International B.V. custom built.

DSD analogue to digital converter - Meitner design by EMM Labs.

Recording, editing and mixing on Pyramix system by Merging Technologies.


Recording Producer - Michael Serebryanyi
Balance Engineer - Erdo Groot
Recording Engineer - Roger de Schot
Editor - Carl Schuurbiers


(P)&(C) Essential Music, #16b-2, Volokolamskoye shosse,
Moscow, 125080, Russia.


11-20.05.2004 5th Studio of The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR) Moscow, Russia


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