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July 2007
Jerome Bastianelli, July 2007, "Diapason" magazine

Full text in French

May 2007
"Caro Mitis"
Brian Clark, "Early Music Review" magazine

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May 2007
"Complete Piano Sonatas, vol.1" review
"Piano news" magazine , Dusseldorf, Germany

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September-October 2006
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
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May 2006
"Telemann in Dur"
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
"Telemann in Major" is rated as "CD des Monats" (CD of the Month).
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March 5, 2006
New Russian SACDs from Caro Mitis
Jason Victor Serinus, "Stereophile" magazine
Breif review of our activity for America-based readers and listeners.
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January 2006
Der böhmische Meuterer
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
Review of the disc "A. Rosetti. Bohemian Mutineer".
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December 2005
B&W 802D loudspeaker
Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile
Our "Dmitry Bortnyansky. The Italian Album" is used to test the new B&W loudspeakers.
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November-December 2005
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
The review of the "The Great Transcriptions. Harpsichord Gems, volume 2 / Olga Martynova".
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November 2005
Music in the Round
Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile
Our "Oboenspitze, Vol.1" is used to test the new High-end power amplifier.
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July-August 2005
"Russen II "
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
"Harpsichord Gems, volume 1 J.C.Bach. Selected Clavier Sonatas Olga Martynova " is rated as "CD des Monats" (CD of the Month).
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June 2005
Originalklange aus dem Osten
Diether Steppuhn, neue musikzeitung
Review of 5 our SACDs.
Full text in German

May 2005
"Die Russen sind da"
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
"Telemann in Minor" is rated as "CD des Monats" (CD of the Month).
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"Classics Today" published review on "Dmitry Bortnyansky. The Russian Album"
We've got 8/9 (artistic/sound quality) of 10/10 possible!
Read the review

Reviews of our SACDs on the "Audiophile Audition" site
J.S.Bach. OBOENWERKE, volume 1
J.S.Bach. OBOENWERKE, volume 2
J.S.Bach. OBOENWERKE, volume 3
Dmitry Bortnaynsky. The Italian Album
Dmitry Bortnaynsky. The Russian Album
Anton Ferdinand Tietz. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
W.A.Mozart. OBOENSPITZE, volume 1
Harpsichord Gems, vol 1. J.C.Bach. Selected Clavier Sonatas
Harpsichord Gems, vol 2. The Great Transcriptions
A. Schnittke. Complete Piano Sonatas
C.P.E.Bach. Oboenkonzerte & Sonaten
Joseph Wölfl. The Symphonies

Reviews (in German) of our SACDs on the "Musik an sich" site
Anton Ferdinand Tietz. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
J.S.Bach OBOENWERKE, volume 2

October 2004
The breif review of Caro Mitis on the POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE site
by Stephen Best
"Great music. Great performance. Great sound. Pick any two. Or so goes the old (or not so old) adage. This will be the first of a series of profiles on SA-CD producing labels humbly suggesting that it's possible to have it all!" (full text)

June 2004
Juicy Fruits from "Essential Music"
Serge Klobukov, "Stereo & Video" magazine

...We are not going to discuss musical merits of the works or the musicians' skills. The quality of the recording, its' closeness to the natural sound are the main topic of our review…

Discography : Maxim Berezovsky's Secular Music
Natalia Solovieva, Russia Musical Newspaper № 44, 2004
…The manuscripts by Maxim Berezovsky, one of the first Russian professional composers, kept abroad in private and state archives have been performed and recorded at last. Thus, new unknown pages of Berezovsky's creative work were discovered thanks to the initiative of Pratum Integrum Orchestra and, particularly of its' artistic director Pavel Serbin…

The Sovereign of the Air
Viktor Kanavin, "Itogi" ¹14 2004
Alexei Utkin: "Yes, the first classical SACD- album was recorded by Hermitage Chamber Orchestra and me on "CARO MITIS" label. I'm satisfied how the orchestra sounds on the disk…"
Full text is available in Russian

Caro Mitis presents...
Legioner Weekly №6 (167) 26/III 2004

...Caro Mitis is the first Russian SACD-label, meeting the highest European professional standards...

March, 2004
Italian Russian
Theo Wubbelts, HVT magazine (The brief translation of the article from the Dutch "HVT" magazine with a review of the "Maxim Berezowsky. Secular music")

Who has ever heard of Maxim Berzovsky (died 1777)? In the booklet you can read almost all that is known about this Russian composer. And that is enough for a libretto of an opera, a moviescript or just a very thrilling novel. The SACD includes a three part symphonia, two arias from an incomplete opera, four sonatas for hammerklavier and a transcription for string quartet; totally just under one hour of music. The ensemble Pratum Integrum plays on original instruments and consists of musicians from different Russian orchestras. Previously released on this label is a recording of four oboe concertos by Bach (HVT review - Jan 2004), also recorded by Erdo Groot and Roger de Schot from Polyhymnia. From one side you can look at the fact that this release is very interesting for musicologists (very Italian sounding music), from the other side it is very much for the 'high end audio enthusiasts'. From the both standpoints one can not overestimate this SACD. I find it a jewel of musical pleasure. Buy this SACD! The label is still young and there is more in the pipeline that is very much worth the attention. I will keep you posted.

"Dmitry Bortnyansky. The Italian Album". Pratum Integrum (Caro Mitis)
Kommersant Weekend № 44
Dmity Bortnyansky (1751 ? 1825) wrote a lot of magnificent ecclesiastic works… But before he was appointed the Director of the Court Capella, Bortnyansky had spent 10 years in Italy adopting the style of the best European composers...

The brief translation of the article from the Dutch "HVT" magazine with a review of "J.S.Bach. OBOENWERKE vol. 1"

"Bach wrote a lot of music, but was not only writing for volume. Bach composed metric, but was not a mathematician. The music of Bach, according to common opinion, always sounds good. Heavenly, outerwordly, uplifting, you name it. But his music always makes the highest demands on its performers. Here on this Russian production of the starting label Caro Mitis, is the top in artistic quality combined with top recording technical excellence; the Polyhymnia team, thanks to their historically grown connections, recorded this Multichannel SACD in a studio of the Russian Radio and Television. And there are fine halls and musicians in Russia, I got a chance to verify that myself last April. In my view this recording deserves an award. In order not to dissappoint readers who are by now curious, if they cannot buy this SACD in the shops yet, have a look at HVT.NL. We are a little closer to the fire and who sits there..."

Oboe sounds on the first Russian SACD
Alexei Zubov, www.oboe.ru site

According to www.sacd.ru the Russian Essential Music company has announced that the recording of the first Russian SACD-album (Caro Mitis label) was finished. This album comprises J.S.Bach oboe works performed by Alexei Utkin and Hermitage Chamber Orchestra. ...
Full text is available in Russian


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